You vs. You: Impostor Syndrome and Overcoming It

“They’re gonna find me out! My manager and my team are going realize I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m not on their level, and they are going to fire my a*&. How will I make my car payment? Maybe McDonald’s will hire me back. I was a cute Fry Girl!” -Me, circa 2005... Continue Reading →

MCSA Server 2016

It has been a busy couple of months! The new job is going well. I am still learning a lot about our internal systems, helping users on the fly, sitting in on conference calls with vendors, and working in the data center here and there. My job is to not only help maintain the current... Continue Reading →

Being a Black Woman in IT

With Black History Month coming to an end, I felt compelled to write about something from my own point of view: Being a Black Woman in IT. When people ask me what it's like to work in this field, I usually talk about my first IT job, how I got into tech, but I have... Continue Reading →

I’m A Systems Administrator

I must say, 2019 looks to be very promising. I recently accepted a role as a Systems Administrator for a local company and will start that next week. I am excited to start my new opportunity as a Systems Administrator. I can't wait to learn new things and get started on the projects my new manager... Continue Reading →

How I Passed My CCNA

On August 31 of 2018, I passed my CCENT. On December 17th, I passed my ICND2 exam and became CCNA certified (yay!). I've had a few people reach out to me on Instagram and LinkedIn asking what I did to prepare for the exams, so I wanted to take some time and talk about that... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the holidays have been good to you all, as they have been to me. I am on staycation until this Saturday and am enjoying every bit of being off from work, as it has given me time to reflect on 2018 and the prospects of 2019. Looking back at... Continue Reading →

How Do I Get into IT?

Someone on Instagram messaged me last night asking how important a specific cert was in regard to getting into IT. They also asked how do I get started, if I had a degree and how I was able to get my first IT job without any certifications, degree or experience. So, today I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Certification Study: Keeto’s Rule of 5

Lately I have had my head in the ICND2 book, and man, it's different! I'm going to take a break for a minute and answer a question I've been getting lately: What is your study plan? Because I have a tendency to feel under-prepared, I purposefully overload myself with study material, fearing that when it's... Continue Reading →

Should I take the A+ Exam?

When I first started out in IT, there were only a handful of certifications I heard of: A+ Microsoft's MCSA/MCSE Working in a call center doing tech support, I met people that had one or the other, or even both their A+ and MCSE. Customers would tell me this as well, but when I would... Continue Reading →

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