I’m Back, Y’all! And Fumbling Through Linux


What up? After 10 months of living in Nashville we are finally back home in Louisville and couldn’t be happier. Moving to Nashville was an eye-opening experience, but the biggest thing I realized was how much I missed and love home. Just like any other city, Louisville has its problems, but there really are beautiful things about this city that makes it what it is. It feels great to be close to family and friends again. To add, the new gig as a NOC Analyst is going well and I’m learning a lot, as there is a lot of room to grow into an Admin position, which I’m totally working on.

Speaking of which…

My goal of becoming a Network Engineer is still alive and kicking, however, my new job would like for their Analysts to know some Linux. Other than SQL, Linux has been one of those things I found it hard to learn, but this is the perfect time for me to embrace my fear and get my Linux+/LPI Linux certification. Killing two birds with one stone: Overcome a fear and get certified! Huzzah!


Anyway, with still learning the ropes at work, getting Linux+ certified, and getting into the routine of working out again (I’m in a wedding this fall and don’t wanna look like a penguin in a tux), I will try to post once a week.

That’s all I got for now. Have a great rest of the week and keep learning!

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