I’m A Systems Administrator

I must say, 2019 looks to be very promising. 

I recently accepted a role as a Systems Administrator for a local company and will start that next week. I am excited to start my new opportunity as a Systems Administrator. I can’t wait to learn new things and get started on the projects my new manager has planned out. 

I’m grateful for the experience I was given at my current company. The people, the atmosphere and management were hands-down one of the best environments I’ve ever worked in and I am grateful for my time there and wish them them nothing but success. 

What is a Systems Administrator?

For some of my readers that aren’t quite sure, a Systems Administrator (or Sysadmin) is someone who administers end-devices (laptops, cell phones, maybe even POS systems depending on the company), servers, network equipment for a small to large company, and perform software installs and updates. A Sysadmin role at one company may not look the same as another Sysadmin at another company, but this is the gist of it. For my role, I will be doing the above, and the cool part about this is that I’ll get to work within our office, our data center, and travel to our satellite sites to configure network equipment and train users at those sites.

image1To prepare for the new job, I’ve been working on server builds (Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019) and I’ve been reading The Practice of System and Network Administration (Third Edition) by Thomas Limoncelli, Christina Hogan, and Strata Chalup. This book is amazing. It goes over best practices for topics such as time management, on-boarding new employees, network operations, customer support, and being a happy Systems/Network Admin, and more. The book has 28 chapters and the reader does not have to read the book in a particular order. 



Certifications for 2019

I’ve obtained one of my goals for 2019 and that was to be in a role where I could get some more hands-on experience with both systems and networking, but I’m not done. Far from it, actually. As far as certs go, I’ve went back and forth between studying for my CCNA Security and my CCNP R&S. At first it made sense for me to just jump into the CCNP studies, but I wasn’t yet working in a networking role to supplement what I was learning at home; so I decided to go down the CCNA Security route… Then I was offered my new role. I took a step back and had some thinking do to. Now that I’m in a role that involves hands-on networking, it makes sense for me to continue my CCNP R&S path and then maybe go down the CCNA Security path later.

CCNP Library

So, my next certification will be for the CCNP R&S. Final answer. 

This is going to be a busy year but I am so excited for the work I will be a part of and the amount of learning to be had. I plan on updating this blog a lot more in the upcoming months. In the meantime, I hope you all are going after your goals and achieve them. 

See ya!






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