uCertify Course Review (MCSA 70-742)

What’s up, y’all? A while ago, I was asked by uCertify to review any one of their courses. Since I need to brush up on my Active Directory skills for work, I decided to check out their MCSA 70-742 Active Directory course.

What is uCertify?

Allow me to back up a bit and explain what uCertify is and what they are about. Ucertify is an online training platform that provides interactive course training for the following vendors:

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • CompTIA
  • VMWare
  • ISC
  • Cisco
  • Linux Professional Institute
  • Adobe
  • Many more vendors

Once I logged into the uCertify site and opened My Library, I was intrigued by the course offerings and features:


  • Pre-Assessment: A pre-assessment is available for users that want to identify any areas they need to improve upon before beginning the course. I thought this was great because it would give the user an idea of what they need to brush up on or what they could quickly review.
  • Chapters & Lessons: I really like how uCertify has this organized. The chapters are very well organized, but also includes interactive Knowledge Checks. A Knowledge Check is an interactive activity that can be completed after reading a section. For example, when learning about the five Active Directory Service, a Knowledge Check activity was provided where I had to match the correct term to the Active Directory Service. Having activities integrated into the material breaks up the monotony of reading and will keep the student engaged. At the end of each chapter, there is a End-of Lesson Review available.
Some of the lessons and chapters available
  • Performance labs: This section provides labs for the students to get hands-on experience without the need for me to grab an ISO,  configure it in a VM or have to buy a server. These labs are virtual machines provided by uCertify so you can complete the task. I noticed that each task provided is broken down by the exam objective number, which makes it an easy to reference which lab correlates to which objective.
Performance lab for Active Directory
  • Practice Tests: Practice tests are a simulated test environment to give the student an idea of what the live exam will be like.
  • Post-Assessment: This is a final indicator of your learning readiness. For the MCSA, a score of 70% is used to confirm mastery and that you know the material well.

On the dashboard, I noticed there is a tracker that shows the date of when the course was started and a target goal date of when to complete the course. Depending on the students progress, uCertify provides a readiness percentage school and an estimated time of when the course would be completed. This is a great way to goal-set and keep you in line with your studies.

My Thoughts

I am impressed with what uCertify has to offer. uCertify is a great learning tool for those studying for certifications or to just learn more about the subject-matter. Book material, the interactive Knowledge Checks, end of chapter reviews, live labs and practice tests definitely make it worthwhile to invest in. I did notice a lack of videos in the course, so if you are someone that learns by watching videos, you may need to supplement this course with a video series, but that’s not to take away from how awesome this site is. I like how all the learning material is available under one site, which makes site navigation easy to use. As I will be starting classes at WGU in July, I understand that WGU utilizes uCertify for some of the coursework, so I will definitely provide more of an in-depth review once classes start.

You can check out uCertify and the courses they offer here.

The MCSA 70-742 course can be found here.

Until next time, see ya!



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