How I Passed My CCNA

On August 31 of 2018, I passed my CCENT. On December 17th, I passed my ICND2 exam and became CCNA certified (yay!). I've had a few people reach out to me on Instagram and LinkedIn asking what I did to prepare for the exams, so I wanted to take some time and talk about that... Continue Reading →

That One Time I Became CCENT Certified

Yesterday, I sat for my CCENT and passed my exam! Not going to lie, this was a tough exam, but thanks to my preparation, my consistency and positivism, I was able to succeed. In this entry, I want to share some of my study process and some exam day tips. Getting Exam Day Ready I've... Continue Reading →

Studying For the CCENT/ICND1 Exam

Let's keep it real. I've been studying for this exam off and on since early last year. I didn't follow through, be it because I got busy learning something else for my job, because I moved to a different state, I moved back to my home state, because I didn't understand subnetting and immediately gave... Continue Reading →

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