Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the holidays have been good to you all, as they have been to me. I am on staycation until this Saturday and am enjoying every bit of being off from work, as it has given me time to reflect on 2018 and the prospects of 2019. Looking back at... Continue Reading →

How Do I Get into IT?

Someone on Instagram messaged me last night asking how important a specific cert was in regard to getting into IT. They also asked how do I get started, if I had a degree and how I was able to get my first IT job without any certifications, degree or experience. So, today I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Certification Study: Keeto’s Rule of 5

Lately I have had my head in the ICND2 book, and man, it's different! I'm going to take a break for a minute and answer a question I've been getting lately: What is your study plan? Because I have a tendency to feel under-prepared, I purposefully overload myself with study material, fearing that when it's... Continue Reading →

Should I take the A+ Exam?

When I first started out in IT, there were only a handful of certifications I heard of: A+ Microsoft's MCSA/MCSE Working in a call center doing tech support, I met people that had one or the other, or even both their A+ and MCSE. Customers would tell me this as well, but when I would... Continue Reading →

That One Time I Became CCENT Certified

Yesterday, I sat for my CCENT and passed my exam! Not going to lie, this was a tough exam, but thanks to my preparation, my consistency and positivism, I was able to succeed. In this entry, I want to share some of my study process and some exam day tips. Getting Exam Day Ready I've... Continue Reading →

Studying For the CCENT/ICND1 Exam

Let's keep it real. I've been studying for this exam off and on since early last year. I didn't follow through, be it because I got busy learning something else for my job, because I moved to a different state, I moved back to my home state, because I didn't understand subnetting and immediately gave... Continue Reading →

Don’t Count Yourself Out.

My first job in this field was doing Internet Tech Support for a well-known cable company here in the US that shall remain nameless. I learned how to troubleshoot, how to speak to customers, how to handle getting yelled/cussed at by customers, and how to sell music and games to customers in an outage, it... Continue Reading →

I Changed My Mind.

Last month I passed my Linux Essentials exam. Be it a low-level exam, it was one that I was happy to have obtained (that, and the fact it never expires is so dope). I took a week off from the realm of studying and asked myself "what's next?".  The new Linux-certified ambitious me wanted to... Continue Reading →

The Linux Essentials Exam: How I Confronted My Linux Intimidation and Got a Cert Out Of It

Some of you that follow me on Instagram are aware that yesterday, I sat for my Linux Essentials exam and passed. Today, I want to talk about why I took this exam, study strategy, and my feelings about Linux before and after taking the exam. First off: Linux intimidates the sh** out of me. I... Continue Reading →

I’m Back, Y’all! And Fumbling Through Linux

What up? After 10 months of living in Nashville we are finally back home in Louisville and couldn’t be happier. Moving to Nashville was an eye-opening experience, but the biggest thing I realized was how much I missed and love home. Just like any other city, Louisville has its problems, but there really are beautiful... Continue Reading →

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