Should I take the A+ Exam?

When I first started out in IT, there were only a handful of certifications I heard of: A+ Microsoft's MCSA/MCSE Working in a call center doing tech support, I met people that had one or the other, or even both their A+ and MCSE. Customers would tell me this as well, but when I would... Continue Reading →

That One Time I Became CCENT Certified

Yesterday, I sat for my CCENT and passed my exam! Not going to lie, this was a tough exam, but thanks to my preparation, my consistency and positivism, I was able to succeed. In this entry, I want to share some of my study process and some exam day tips. Getting Exam Day Ready I've... Continue Reading →

Studying For the CCENT/ICND1 Exam

Let's keep it real. I've been studying for this exam off and on since early last year. I didn't follow through, be it because I got busy learning something else for my job, because I moved to a different state, I moved back to my home state, because I didn't understand subnetting and immediately gave... Continue Reading →

Don’t Count Yourself Out.

My first job in this field was doing Internet Tech Support for a well-known cable company here in the US that shall remain nameless. I learned how to troubleshoot, how to speak to customers, how to handle getting yelled/cussed at by customers, and how to sell music and games to customers in an outage, it... Continue Reading →

I Changed My Mind.

Last month I passed my Linux Essentials exam. Be it a low-level exam, it was one that I was happy to have obtained (that, and the fact it never expires is so dope). I took a week off from the realm of studying and asked myself "what's next?".  The new Linux-certified ambitious me wanted to... Continue Reading →

The Linux Essentials Exam: How I Confronted My Linux Intimidation and Got a Cert Out Of It

Some of you that follow me on Instagram are aware that yesterday, I sat for my Linux Essentials exam and passed. Today, I want to talk about why I took this exam, study strategy, and my feelings about Linux before and after taking the exam. First off: Linux intimidates the sh** out of me. I... Continue Reading →

I’m Back, Y’all! And Fumbling Through Linux

What up? After 10 months of living in Nashville we are finally back home in Louisville and couldn’t be happier. Moving to Nashville was an eye-opening experience, but the biggest thing I realized was how much I missed and love home. Just like any other city, Louisville has its problems, but there really are beautiful... Continue Reading →

“Thank You For Calling Tech Support, Have you tried Rebooting?” Why You Should Get Your Start in Tech Support/Help Desk

"Sir/Ma'am: have you tried turning the [insert super important device here] off and on again?" I must have asked this question 1564894656187948 times a day while working in tech support for a local ISP. Yes, the work was mundane and I wanted to cut the headset cord  to my phone, but what I didn't realize... Continue Reading →

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